Shuruaat achhe ki

Everyday comes with its own share of excitement, hopes and promises. But the best days are those that begin on a happy and cheerful note. A quick smile from a loved one, a little extra sunshine filtering through the drapes, a small gesture of love or kindness from a friend or a favourite dish served with love on the breakfast table can so easily make your day. And that’s where Gajraj comes in. With its healthy range of great tasting bouquet of foods which ensure that your day begins on a perfect note. And that happy vibe stays with you throughout the day.

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We love Durum

Our affair with Durum Wheat started when we instantly fell in love with its qualities. Durum Wheat is one of the healthiest and most nutritious forms of wheat. Grown and cultivated in the fertile fields of Madhya Pradesh, Durum Wheat is one of the finest sources of balanced nutrition. Cereals made from Durum feel wholesome. Its regular use lowers cholesterol and even helps in weight loss. Above all, Durum helps boost the immune system and eases bowel movements. So, if you love your family and care for its health, chances are you too will fall in love with Durum and its magical properties, instantly. And that's a promise.

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Every Product a Winner

With Gajraj, you and your family are in for a real treat, every day of their lives. With products that are made especially for health conscious people like you, we make sure that you never run out of ideas to not just surprise but also pamper your friends and family with an absolutely delightful range of sumptuous meals, after meals.


Hey! What’s Cooking Contest

Are your ready to test your culinary skills and win some exciting prizes? So, here’s the challenge. Share with us your own recipe of a healthy and yummylicious dish made with any Gajraj product. If selected, it will get featured on the Gajraj website and could make you famous.

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About Us

We are about happy beginnings

We know how important it is for you to begin your day on a happy note. At Gajraj Agotech Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly Goyal Industries), we have been helping families do just that since 2002. We’re lucky we’ve a range of agro products that are inherently nutritious and healthy as well as tasty and of the highest quality.

In fact, we also got lucky on another front. We are Indore based and our wheat is sourced from the state of Madhya Pradesh which is often called the Wheat Bowl of India because of the superior quality of Durum Wheat produced here.


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